3rd Purchase

In How To Choose a Paddle we discussed how paddling style and the height/width of your kayak play a major role in choosing a paddle. Part 2 discussed the basic features and how they affect your day on the water. In part 3 we are going to reveal our choice for the best kayak fishing paddle on the market!

Which is the best kayak fishing paddle?

Best Kayak Fishing PaddleWhile there are dozens of great paddles on the market, the company that has come up with the best all-around design is Bending Branches, more specifically their Angler series, which features the  Angler Classic Plus, Angler Ace Plus, and Angler Pro Plus.
 Remember earlier when I mentioned all the variables of modern kayaks that complicate the decision making process?  Each of these paddles has the option for a telescoping shaft…a must for any kayaker with an adjustable seat. This is the simple solution I was talking about. The option to collapse or extend your paddle from 230cm to 255cm negates all those variables. You can simply adjust the shaft length on the fly and start paddling. Did you set it too long or too short? No big deal…a quarter twist of the shaft, and you can re-adjust.
Side note: An easy way to tell if your paddle is too short is if you are “reaching” to grab the water or you are banging your knuckles on the sidewalls of the kayak. If your paddle is too long, you may “waterbug” or zig zag. Keep in mind that the design of your kayak can also cause this.

Why The Angler Series?

  • 230-255cm adjustable shaft
  • 30oz – 34oz
  • epX Engineered Polymer up to a Carbon fiber shaft
  • Ovalized shaft
  • Built in measuring tape

By kayakers, for kayakers.

Best kayak fishing PaddleOne of the simple features they included in the paddles is also one of my favorite things about them. Because the people at Bending Branches are fishermen too, they know there are times that you need to retrieve something that is just out of your reach. Knowing this, they included a notch in the blade of the paddle shaped like a question mark. This simple feature allows you to retrieve anchor lines, lures, and all manner of things of with ease.
My last recommendation is that you get a paddle with brightly colored blade unless you are using it for hunting. I love the camo blades too, but I can assure you, you’ll want the added visibility once you’re on the water.
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